Programme Overview

English and Chinese Creative Writing

This programme, both in English and Chinese, is designed to integrate your child into the world of written expressions, giving them seamless avenues to create that scoring piece of writing!

Your child will be taught:
• Setting of scene, management of characters and generation of ideas
• different techniques of writing introductions and conclusions
• to craft words and fluent sentences through the use of rich vocabulary and phrases, idioms, similes, dialogue and personification to enhance the plot
• to use imagination and vivid description to draw effective word pictures
• how to create suspense/climax and thereby ending the story with an impressive conclusion
• to analyse composition errors so as not to make the same mistakes

Revision, including spelling, will be done at the end of each term and near examination to allow your child to master his paper 1.

In addition, oral and listening comprehension will be done near examination to better equip your child to ace that paper.

Your child will also be exposed to newspaper articles to create awareness and interest in current affairs. Last but not least, children will also be taught to appreciate poetry to enjoy the language.

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