Pre-School Phonics and Reading

Our Preschool Programmes are designed to build a solid foundation and develop your child's love of learning from the very beginning.

Using interesting characters to represent letters, Letterland is a unique, child-friendly phonics programme to teach preschoolers to read, write and spell.

These characters have personalities, friends and homes, thereby providing a realistic parallel world which bridges the gap between abstract print and the real world - creating a secure learning environment where children develop cognitive, language and literacy skills they need.

Areas taught will be:
• Phonemic awareness & alliteration
• Word and sentence building
• Letter formation
• Vocabulary and language
• Segmenting and blending
• Creative writing (K2)

At N2, children familiarise themselves with the characters, letter shapes, sounds, capital letter and long vowels. Art and craft, songs and imaginative play related to the characters will be introduced to motive children to listen, to think and to learn.

At K1, children will attain alphabet proficiency, learn word building, blends, diagraphs to develop a strong sight vocabulary. Above all, children will discover that reading, writing and spelling can be fun!

At K2, word endings, more word buildings, irregular vowels, more digraphs and trigraphs will be taught before moving on to advance spelling and dictation patterns. By then, children will be ready to face the challenges in Primary One.

In addition, carefully selected reading books will be introduced along the way to immerse children in all three language strands: oral, written and visual to path the way to recognition of words and independent reading. Children are encouraged to think critically, explore language and process information, thereby building a reading vocabulary of the 300 high frequency words and a love for reading!

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