Primary School – Mathematics

Mathematics (Revamped Programme)

Aiming to provide our students with an enriching learning journey for Mathematics, our centre has specially crafted a new comprehensive Math Intensive and Math Drill programme.

1. Math Intensive
Math Intensive is customised to meet the needs of our students of varying standards. Designed as a 90 minute session for P2 to P4 and 120 minute session for P5 and P6, this programme follows the latest syllabus stipulated by MOE.

Students will be taught
→ knowledge of key mathematical concepts with hands-on materials
→ on conceptual understanding and step-by-step problem solving
→ to apply different heuristic tools in problem solving
→ to apply existing knowledge through various tests and past year papers

In addition, we aim to
→ build confidence in our students by imparting examination techniques
→ instil a sustained passion and appreciation for Mathematics in our students
→ challenge our students to excel in the subject

2. Math Drill 
This 60 minute session for P2 to P4 and 30 minute for P5 and P6 aims to engage students in numerous intensive practices on topics like Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Measurements and other key concepts. Worksheets focus on
→ development of strong calculation skills which enable students to apply mathematical concepts
efficiency and skills in tackling questions in Sections A and B of the current examination paper format
build confidence in mental calculations
improve their basic arithmetic speed, thus allowing ample time to focus on the conceptual application to word problem solutions

All worksheets are to be completed by the students in class leaving them with no homework. This course is specially designed to handle the core arithmetic skills.

The coupling of Math Intensive and Math Drill provides a holistic approach in assisting our students achieve their personal bests in a subject that is more than just a subject – it is life skill.

Note: Complimentary classes will be arranged during school holidays for weaker students.

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